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UK VFR Flight Guide 2021 - Spiral

Model: VFR2021

Publication date: April 29th

Given the current restrictions on General Aviation flying in the UK, and the likely continuation of restrictions into 2021, we have decided to return to the traditional publication date of March. Thus, the 2021 UK VFR Flight Guide will be published on the 31st March 2021. Until then, we are continuing to update the UK VFR Flight Guide to be sure that when it is published it will be the most up-to-date flight guide for the 2021 flying season.

The 2021 edition of the UK VFR Flight Guide will contain around 530 airfields fully described – 400 more than some other UK flight guides. There are also additional listings for another 450 flying sites. The 2021 UK VFR Flight Guide features professionally drawn airfield maps up to 40% bigger than those of competing flight guides; the highest standards of accuracy and clarity and a logical, standardised, layout of information to present at a glance all the information a pilot needs both for pre-flight planning and in the cockpit.

The UK VFR Flight Guide is the most comprehensive and trusted source of airfield data for the General Aviation airfields and flying sites of the UK.


A flight guide designed by pilots, for pilots

• More UK airfields in detail than any other UK flight guide - around 530 in the 2021 edition

• Over 450 further UK airfields with basic data

• Includes farm strips and glider sites

• ICAO locators and lat/long co-ordinates in decimals for direct entry into GPS

• All maps professionally drawn in full colour, on average 40% bigger than competing products

• Runway lengths and Navaid frequencies on maps

• Airfield e-mail and website addresses

• Airfield facilities for disabled pilots listed, compiled with the assistance of the BDFA

• Airfield information checked, revised and updated every year

• All essential information available at a glance

• All supplemental information laid out in a standard format

• Comprehensive flight planning section – met. codes; flight plan filing instructions; Prohibited, Restricted and Danger areas; LARS units; MATZs; ATIS listings; etc.

• FREE monthly update services available to all users

Spiral Bound - a single wiro binding allows the UK VFR Flight Guide to fold flat and stay at the right page in even the smallest cockpit. This is our most popular format.

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