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UK VFR Cockpit Companion 2019

Model: VFRCC2019

The UK VFR Cockpit Companion Checklist 2019

Standard European Rules of the Air (SERA) edition
Fully revised and updated for the introduction into the UK of SERA, this an indispensible checklist containing all the vital in-flight information that pilots need at their finger tips. It is often said that a pilot's IQ halves in the cockpit and faced with, say, an unexpected taxiway marker, confusion follows. The Cockpit Companion is specifically designed for just this situation, the 'memory jogger' a pilot needs when faced with the unexpected or unfamiliar. With 20 checklist pages in full colour, tabbed for quick reference and with a spiral binding for maximum ease of use, the UK VFR Cockpit Companion means that no pilot needs to be at a loss for a vital piece of information.

Data in the 2019 UK VFR Cockpit Companion includes:
- Marshalling signals
- Ground signals*
- Taxiway and runway markings
- ATC and radio procedures
- Transponder codes
- Rights of way*
- Low flying rules*
- VFR minima*
- Wind drift ready reckoner
- Descent calculator
- Circuit joining procedures
- Sunrise and Sunset
- Emergency procedures
- And much more!

* indicates rules which have changed significantly with the introduction of SERA in the UK

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