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UK NATO socket to twin plug


Converts UK NATO Plug to Twin Plug.

AFE produce a range of headset adaptors so that you can use your favourite headset in your favourite aircraft, helicopter or ex-military machine and avoid the expense of having to buy a different headset for each one.

‘Twin Plug’ = standard fixed-wing PJ-068 & PJ-055 headset plugs.
‘U-174/U’ = near-standard helicopter headset plug, also known as ‘US NATO’ or NEXUS (silver plug).
‘UK NATO’ = UK military headset plug, also found in some UK civilian helicopters (brass plug).

TP = Twin Plug, TS = Twin Socket, NEX = U-174/4 plug, NP = UK NATO Plug, NEXS = socket for U-174/4, NS = socket for UK NATO.

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