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TRIG TY91 8.33khz VHF Radio

Model: TRIGTY91

The TY91 radio provides light sport and general aviation pilots with a compact, fully certified 25kHz / 8.33 kHz VHF radio. The radio is perfectly compliment with the TT21 and TT22 transponders, the world’s smallest and lightest Mode S general aviation transponders.

Small and Flexible

The Trig TY91 takes up minimal space and weight. The use of a control head and separate radio hardware unit provides more installation options, especially when space is at a premium.

The control head can be conveniently mounted in a standard 57mm round hole or even smaller compact mount. Fitting is straightforward, and once installed the depth of the radio control head is only 74mm. In practice this means that the Trig TY91 control head can be located in an aircraft instrument panel where a ‘single box’ radio will simply not fit.

8.33 kHz & 25 kHz Compatible

Future changes in European airspace will require all aircraft to be fitted with a certified 8.33 kHz radio. The Trig TY91 uses 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz steps. Operation of the radio is simple and frequency selection rapid. A single convenient function button allows rapid channel spacing preferences to be selected when required.

The Trig TY91 is fully compliant with the 8.33 kHz mandate, so you can be reassured that Trig radios are ready for the future.

Light sport, ultra light, glider and balloon pilots will fit the Trig TY91 radio, this lower powered 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of GA users.


The Trig TY91 offer pilots the following features:

Low size and weight, with flexibility of installation options.

Simple operation via positive controls, can be easily operated whilst wearing gloves.

Dual watch function, allowing the monitoring of the standby frequency.

Includes a two place intercom.

Includes a built in speaker amplifier, allowing the option of headset free operation.

9 programmable memories.

Crisp display, visible in all lighting conditions.

Fully certified.

Type: 8.33 kHz/25 kHz VHF transceiver. Receiver – Class C, Class E. Transmitter – Class 4, Class 6
Certification: ETSO-2C169a, ETSO-2C128, TSO-C169a, TSO-C128a.
Compliance: ED-23C, ED-67, DO-186B, DO-178B Level B, DO-160F, DO-254 Level C
Supply Voltage (DC) 11-33
Typical Current Consumption: 200 mA receive 2A transmit at 14 V
Nominal Transmitter Power: 6 W
Operating Temperature: for the radio unit -40 °C to + 70 °C for the controller -20 °C to +70 °C
Cooling Requirement: No fan required
Weight: 460 grams
Dimensions (mm) controller: H 44 x W 63 x D 35 mm (74 mm depth in panel with D-Type connector fitted). radio unit: H 48 x W 66 x L 160 mm (inc. socket).

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