AFE price: £2,369.95

Trig TN70

Model: TRIGTN70A

The TN70 includes a certified WAAS GPS and companion WAAS GPS antenna, certified to FAA8130-3.  It is designed to enhance your aircraft via a simple install that will deliver excellent ADS-B Out performance.

A Trig transponder is the hub of an ADS-B Out system, using ‘extended squitter’ to communicate with ground stations and suitably equipped aircraft. if you operate in an area where ADS-B ground services (TIS-B and FIS-B) then are available, then to use these sevices a compliant ADS-B Out unit must be installed. A Trig transponder is an ideal way to ensure your ADS-B Out is compliant.

Trig transponders use 1090ES technology - the ICAO ‘International Standard.’ A Trig system not only gives freedom to travel but it also has superior capabilities.

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