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TRIG TX57 Slimline Nav/Com

Model: TRIGTX57

TRIG’s long-anticipated NAV/COM has arrived! The TX57 is TRIG's 16w (28v only) version – a slimline panel mount unit, 8.33KHz COM with integral VOR and Glideslope receivers.

The TX57 has a superior user interface, this starts with a high resolution display. All vital information on the TX57 is clearly presented – a display ‘sweep’ function uses a single button to shift the display emphasis from Com to Nav status. The Nav will automatically load the identifier for the selected VOR and over 200 frequencies and identifiers can be saved into the Nav database. The TX57 is dependable, with the capability of providing a fix to a second VOR, improving navigational accuracy. Full support for ILS approaches and a back button allows a back course to be selected and flown.

The TX57 has a built in digital Course Deviation Indicator. This provides a practical option, when an external CDI is not available. The TX57 comes with a built in VOR/LOC converter as standard, making it configurable with a wide range of cockpit instruments.

The TX57 Com will enable VHF voice communications on both 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing. Features such as ‘Push Step’ provide 3 x faster tuning and the radios Dual Watch feature allows the monitoring of two frequencies at the same time. The TX57 has TRIG's popular ‘Say Again’ feature, this allows the replay of the last received transmission. A powerful and fully customisable frequency database can be created and loaded in seconds, via the front panel USB port. This removes the need for database subscription costs and provides genuine flexibility – each pilot can load their own customised radio and Nav frequencies for every flight. These features make the Trig VHF Com radio the clear choice for training fleets. The TX57’s exceptional audio quality and clarity extends to the built in two place stereo intercom which will have support for stereo music.


  • Slimline Fit (only 33mm high)
  • Bright Display with East User Interface
  • 16 Watt Output Power
  • VOR/LOC Converter
  • Dual Channel Monitoring
  • Stereo 2-Place Intercom
  • USB Port
  • Two Year Warranty
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