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Trig TT21 Mode S Transponder

Model: TRIGTT21

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Buy the Trig TT21 transponder and get an AV22 antenna (worth £49.95) FREE!

The TT21 is the world’s smallest general aviation Mode S transponders, ideally suited for use in light sport, gliders and GA aircraft where panel space is at a premium. The TT21 is fully approved by EASA and the FAA, for both IFR and VFR use.

The TT21 - smart and small

The TT21 transponder is a two part solution, with a separate control head and transponder box. The control head fits into a 57mm round hole, with the option of using a smaller compact mount hole. When fitted the depth of the controller is only 54mm, and connected to a wiring harness the depth is still only 85mm. The separate transponder box can be mounted anywhere within the airframe.

The complete system weighs less than 450 grams and is easily powered by an aircraft battery. The transponder has an in-built altitude encoder saving space and simplifying installation.

The TT21 has a nominal power output of 130 watts and is popular amongst light sport, glider, balloon and foot launched pilots providing one of the most affordable ways to install Mode S.

In use the TT21 is simple to operate, with a positive control knob and push buttons for Squawk code and Flight ID input. The LCD display is bright and back lit, making it easy to read in flight. The transponder controller is splash proof making it suitable for use in open cockpit flying and ultra-light aircraft. A quick release latch secures the main hardware unit to the included mounting tray, allowing easy removal if required.

The TT21 and TT22 transponders – the light weight class leaders

The TT21 give you class leading Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capability; it's compact, energy efficient and high performance solutions that are fully certified.

Trig Mode S transponders provide air traffic control with accurate aircraft position data. This makes negotiation of controlled airspace more certain, and can significantly reduce the amount of communication required with air traffic controllers.

Fitting a TT21 Mode S transponder increases your visibility to other airspace users, enhancing your flight safety.

Type Transponder: Class 2 Mode S level 2els ADS-B Class B0
Certification: ETSO C88A, C112C, C166A and TSO C88b, C112c, C166b, approved for IFR and VFR flight
Compliance: ED-73C, DO-160F, DO-178B Level B, DO-254 Level C, DO-260B, DO-181D
Supply voltage (DC): 9-33 V
Typical Consumption (at 14 V) idle: 0.15 A active: 0.28 A
Nominal Transmitter Power: 130 W at connector
Operating temperature: for the transponder -40°C to +70°C for the controller -25°C to +70°C
Cooling Requirement: no fan required
Weight: 440g
Dimensions controller: H 44 x W 63 x L 54 mm transponder in tray: H 48 x W 68 x L 160 mm

When installing a Trig Transponder we always recommend customers to purchase a TN72 GPS, to get ADS-B Out. 

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