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Trig TA50 Compact GPS Antenna - Long Cable

Model: TRIGTA50C300

This space saving antenna is perfect for gliders and light sport or experimental aircraft where mounting options are limited and space is tight. The TA50 GPS Antenna is small, easy to stow and built for aviation use. It has been developed to provide trouble free operation  with the TN72 GPS Position Source.

The TA50 comes complete with a secure and reliable QMA connector – this plugs straight into a TN72 GPS unit. Using a TA50 antenna and a TN72 together is a cost effective way to turn your Trig Mode S transponder into an ADS-B Out device. Use the TA50 as part of your ADS-B solution to get all the benefits of greater visibility and safety.

The TA50 is an uncertified product, the TA70 certified GPS is best suited to Part 23 aircraft, where a conventional dorsal antenna is required.


Optimised for use with Trig GPS Position Source equipment

Lightweight and simple to install – plug and play

Weatherproof – allows external fixture

Compatible Trig Products

The TA50 can be paired with the  TN72 GPS receivers.

Product Design

When the antenna is mounted within the cockpit, GPS visibility is required. The TA50 is weatherproof so can be used for external use and internal use. Each antenna comes with a simple installation guide and fixing kit.


Frequency: 1575.42 MHz ±3 MHz
Antenna Gain: > 1 dBic
VSWR: 1.5:1.
Filtering: -20 dB minimum @ ±50
Noise Figure: 1.5 dB Max.
Gain: 26 dB
DC Power Requirement: 3 to 5 VDC
Temperature: -40º C to +85º C

Cable Length - 300cm/118 inches

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