AFE price: £498.95

Tost Nose hook - NEW without lever

Model: TST014100

The Tost E85 Nose hook is used as nose release for gliders. As tail release for tugs it can be used for aero tow and banner towing. Approved for maximum cable load of 14.1 kN. The E85 has no automatic release. The maximum manual release force is 140 N. Approved by the German aviation authority (LBA – Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) TCDS 60.230/1, as conforming to airworthiness regulations for tow releases, it also corresponds to JAR 22 requirements. For all-up weight up to 900 kg. Approved for all aircraft types. 

This non-lever version allows a release lever to be fitted by the aircraft manufacturer. The release cable can also be attached directly to one of the segment holes.

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