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Tost CofG hook - Exchanged

Tost CofG hook - Exchange service

Should your Tost G88 CofG hook be damaged mid-way through your gliding season then we can offer a rapid exchange service. Send us the following details:

  • release type and serial number
  • aircraft type
  • if possible, also send us photos in order for Tost to gauge any special release levers etc that might be attached

We will then get Tost to send an immediate overhauled replacement, which you can then replace the damaged one with. Then, return the damaged hook to us and we will send to Tost for them to provide a credit for its return, which they will overhaul and add to their stock. 

The cost of this service depends on the damage to your existing hook and typically works out to be in the region of £50-£75 more expensive than a standard overhaul service, due to the higher adminstrative costs involved. 

Call 0161 499 0023 or email to book this service.

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