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Tost C0fG hook - Overhauled

Model: TST990212

Tost Centre-of-Gravity (G88) hook  - Overhaul service

An end-of-season service for the overhaul of your existing G88 C0fG hook. We will get your hook overhauled and re-issued with a Form 1, ready for the start of the next gliding season. Price includes general overhaul, re-adjusting and test-bench check. Prices from £150.00

Important note:  Carriage charges for dispatch and return of your hook from Tost will be quoted on booking of this service. The exchange of damaged or worn out parts, which exceeds the standard overhaul scope will incur an additional charge. The most commonly-replaced item is the internal hook element, costing £50.00. We are unable to determine additional charges until Tost have undertaken initial inspection. 

Please call 0161 499 0023, or email to book this service. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. 

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