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The Skyway Code V4 (CAP 1535P)


The Skyway Code V4

The Skyway Code has quickly become the most useful 'pocket guide' for General Aviation pilots involved in non-commercial and flight training operations in the UK. Filled with practical guidance on the operational, safety and regulatory issues relevant to GA flying, as a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publication, The Skyway Code also provides the authoritative legal background to the post-EASA aviation landscape with references and links to the new rules and regulations that now govern the operation of General Aviation aircraft in the UK.

The Skyway Code is a living publication that is regularly reviewed to ensure it reflects the latest regulatory requirements and best aviation practice, condensing the ‘must know’ information on UK GA flying into easy to navigate information and graphics. The Skyway Code gives GA pilots a one stop shop for safety rules and advice, with subjects covered including:

  • Pre flight checks and flight planning
  • UK - FIR
  • Key Pilot responsibilities
  • Airspace rules and regulations
  • Aerodromes Operations
  • Risks and Emergencies
  • Tables and Codes
  • Flying outside the UK
  • Links to useful safety and regulatory resources

The Skyway Code also includes examples of radio phraseology, tables to work out crosswind components and ground marshalling signals.

Latest updates

Key updates in Version 4 (November 2023) of the The Skyway Code includes:

  1. Improved presentation and readability
  2. Key retained EU law for aviation
  3. Updates to aeronautical information, including UK Flight Information Services (FIS) frequencies and Frequency Monitoring Codes
  4. Use of the VHF Low Level Frequency
  5. Updated operational guidance, including fuel management and crossing controlled airspace
  6. Revised 'Safer Flying' chapter, including threat and error management and decision making

Soft cover, illustrated in full colour throughout, 170 pages.

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