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The Claw Aircraft Anchoring System


The Claw Aircraft Anchoring System
The harder you pull, the more it grips the earth

The most advanced aircraft anchoring system available today, the Claw aircraft tie down kit comes complete with three earth anchors, rope, spikes, hammer and canvas carry bag. The Claw is designed exclusively for aircraft and has a 3600lb (1600kg) combined capacity. Developed by pilots, the Claw aircraft anchoring system provides superior protection for aircraft from damaging winds. The Claw Kit includes one carry bag that stores three Claw anchors, nine spikes, one hammer and 30ft of rope. Its total weight is just 3.6kg (8lbs). Each of the three Claw anchors can withstand 1,200lbs. of force, yet it requires little effort to install or remove, making the Claw far superior to any other aircraft anchor system. The Claw is the last tie down you will ever have to buy.

- Tremendous holding strength. The harder you pull, the more the Claw grips
- Works in hard clay, sandy soil or anything in between
- Large foot print spreads the load over a larger area for maximum holding power
- Low profile will not puncture tyres
- Complete system weighs only 8 lbs (3.6kg)
- Corrosion-resistant die cast zinc plated steel spikes
- Lifetime warranty

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