AFE price: £2,495.00

Strong Para-Cushion Seat 304


The Strong Parachutes Model 304 is designed to be used in place of a seat cushion.

The system's container measures 12" x 16" x 3" thick (minimum). By using an additional Confor foam pad the thickness of the pack may be from 3" to 6" thick depending on the type of aeroplane and how high the user desires to be in the cockpit. The back pad is only a 1/2" thick, and uses Confor foam padding.

The parachute is rated for all up weights of 254 lbs (115Kg) and deployment speed of up to 150kts.

The Para-Cushion Seat is recommended for use in airplanes where headroom is not restricted and (or) moving forward in the cockpit is not an option.

Stock colour is black, other colours available to-order. The parachute comes with protective carrying bag, a sheepskin backpad is available as an optional extra.

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