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SIFEBA Nav-Aid Plus Plotter


The NAV-AID PLUS solves the most troublesome aspects of visual navigation, off-course heading corrections and unexpected diversions.

The NAV-AID PLUS offers the extra benefit, at little extra cost, of two instruments in one. An in-built circular computer allows you to do your pre-flight and en-route calculations of ground speed, distance and time intervals without the need of another instrument.

The central circular slide rule enables the pilot to solve problems involving time, speed and distance. The triangular index, A positioned at the "60 minute" graduation on the rotating scale, is known as the SPEED INDEX The outer fixed scale is known as the MILE SCALE and the inner rotating scale the TIME SCALE.

•NAV-AID Plus functions
•Ground Speed Computer
•Distance Computer
•Time Computer
•Scale 1:500,000.

Three simple steps:
1. Place the centre point of the base-line over the present position.
2. Align the base-line with the departure point or last fix.
3. Using the radials read off the number of degrees to alter present heading to fly direct to destination.

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