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Scotland 1:500,000 chart Ed35

Model: SCOTED35

***Pre-Order Scotland 1:500 000 Chart. Edition 35 to be published 24/02/22***

Scotland 1:500,000 VFR aeronautical chart (includes Shetland, Orkney and Hebrides)

  • CAA/NATS 1:500 000 aeronautical chart covering Scotland for visual flying navigation. ICAO-specification VFR topographical chart, updated annually.
  • Topographical features above 500ft AMSL depicted
  • Obstacles above 300ft AGL depicted
  • Airspace information to FL195 depicted.

Receive an up-to-date chart automatically as soon as the new edition is published. You need never fly with an out-of-date chart again! Click here for more details of the free AFE Subscription Service for this product

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