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Rust Remover for Pilots DVD

Rust Remover for Pilots DVD, Irv Lee’s “Get fit – stay fit workout” for the fixed-wing pilot

This “Rust remover” DVD isn’t a training programme, there are no new exercises here, but every scene is full of good advice, neat mnemonics or aide-memoires, or maybe just new ways of looking at old problems.

Most pilots have, at some time or another, found themselves a little bit behind the aircraft . Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, you catch up, there aren’t any problems to deal with, and the flight is uneventful. But if a problem does develop, the flight can quickly get very eventful indeed, and that’s when being behind the curve will really bite. If you ask the CAA’s Safety Data people about GA safety statistics, they’ll probably tell you that accident rates are greater in early Spring than at other times of the year. They blame rusty pilots for this blip in the figures.

If that describes you, at any time of the year, you could do a lot worse than spend an hour or so watching this DVD, especially so if you’re not planning any dual flying.

It tackles a variety of subjects, from pre-flight planning, navigation and checks, to handling, using GPS and more advanced flying techniques.

It does feel rather like having your favourite instructor sitting-in and making useful comments.

Hightly recommended!
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