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Replacement NiMH battery for ICOM A22e/A3e radios

Model: BP-8NMH
Many users of the older ICOM units, the A3e and A22e transceivers, have found that although the radio may be perfectly serviceable, the battery has deteriorated so that the unit can no longer be used as intended. Under current EU legislation, NiCd batteries are being phased out and it is no longer possible to obtain ICOM BP08 NiCd batteries for these units.

Note that this is not an official ICOM part, but this Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack is a straight replacement for the standard ICOM NiCd battery pack for older ICOM A22E & A3E transceivers, and offers all the performance advantages of NiMH batteries, compared to NiCd.

Put life back into your ICOM A3e or A22e with one of these replacement battery packs, now!

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