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RAF Style Leather Flying Gloves

Model: F/G

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RAF-Style Leather Flying Gloves

Protect yourself properly in the post COVID-19 flying enviroment

These RAF-style Leather Flying Gloves are manufactured from the finest supple leather, with a fine contoured fit to give maximum comfort, full hand movement and maximum ‘feel’. They are also sweat-resistant and offer the maximum comfort, protection and control feel for the pilot. Not just for ‘open cockpit’ flying, these gloves are a firm favourite with many pilots who take their safety equipment (PPE) seriously. Thanks to a bulk order by AFE, these RAF-style leather flying gloves are now available at a significantly reduced price to make them a more practical accessory for day-to-day flying.

• Finest supple leather
• Contoured fit
• Exceptionally effective feel and protection

These leather flying gloves are available in the following sizes with half size spacing (please state when ordering): Measure your hand as shown (around the knuckles of your dominant hand) to find the fit for you. Available sizes are:

6½; 7; 7½; 8; 8½; 9; 9½; 10; 10½

Please specify glove size required in comments box during checkout.

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