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Radio Aids Navigation Tutor (RANTXL) V4


The Radio Aids Navigation Tutor (RANT) is the answer to all your radio navigation questions, a software training and flight exercise package designed for any pilot who wants to learn and practice the fundamental skills of IFR radio navigation. With a comprehensive suite of over 50 distinct tutorials, covering all the flight instruments any pilot is likely to encounter from the historic to the latest Garmin glass cockpit, any instrument can be modified to very closely represent any particular dial/needle combination.

RANT XL V4 new features:
• Jeppesen charting and approach plates.
• Fully compatible Windows XP to Windows 10.
• Database covering most of Europe, the USA plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, the Gulf and Cyprus.
• Languages: UK and US English, French and German.

For any Instrument Rating candidate, this package will make your flying time more productive, also ideal as a briefing and de-briefing aid for Flight Instructors.

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