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ICAO Netherlands Chart


The Visual 500,000 aeronautical chart is the first aeronautical chart for European countries that complies with the ICAO 1: 500,000 aeronautical chart in terms of its quality and design, making it the optimal map for carrying out VFR flights to neighboring countries. Due to the selected leaf section, each bordering foreign country is represented on the Länder expenditures extensively.

The Visual 500 contains the latest and topical topography and air traffic control information, such as:

  • VFR reporting points
  • Airfields with name, location and frequency as well as length and orientation of the runway and location of the course round
  • Information about the course round, representation of the airfield heights
  • FIS sectors with frequencies
  • Glider area, hang glider terrain and ultralight terrain, parachute drop off area and free balloon launch areas
  • Radio navigation systems (NDB, VOR, VOR / DME, VORTAC) with name, frequency and code in Morse code
  • Aviation obstacles and maximum elevation figures
  • Isogonen
  • Motorway names
  • Integrated coordinate ruler

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