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Private Pilot's Licence Course PPL 1 Flying Training

Model: PPL1
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Jeremy M Pratt

Suitable for EASA PPL, LAPL, NPPL and NPPL(M) - three axis

3rd edition; revised 2009; reprinted 2014 - ISBN 9781874783084

PPL 1 Flying Training, the first book in AFE's best selling PPL course series, follows the EASA PPL, LAPL and NPPL flying training syllabus and encompasses many issues concerning today’s pilots (wake turbulence, ATC procedures, transponders and radar, radio navigation, noise abatement, EFIS etc.) as well as those timeless airmanship issues that have always been vital to safe flying (lookout, carburettor icing, organising cockpit workload etc.). The book is presented in a straightforward manner, with no irrelevant theoretical material, and is illustrated throughout with diagrams, line drawings and photographs, including a step-by-step ‘patter’ of each flight exercise with internal and external views to match.

• Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the EASA-PPL, LAPL and NPPL flying training course
• Background Briefing for each flight exercise
• ‘Step-by-step’ explanation of all flight manoeuvres
• Fully illustrated, easy-to-follow format
• CAA recommended

PPL 1 Advisors:
James McBride
– A Captain with a major European airline, James was a star of the TV series ‘Airline’. He is a former Royal Navy pilot with the rare distinction of having gained both fixed and rotary ‘wings’ and has also flown as a civilian flying instructor and an air-taxi pilot. James has been an authorised display pilot for Beech 18 and Harvard aircraft and served in the RAF Volunteer Reserve, flying Chipmunks with an Air Experience Flight. James is also a regular contributor to Flight Training News.

Martin Rushbrooke – Senior Flying and Standards Instructor at Barton (Manchester) airfield, Martin qualified as an Air Cadet glider pilot in 1964 and gained his PPL in 1966 through an ATC flying scholarship. Martin is a PPL examiner, Commanding Officer of 162 (Stockport) ATC squadron and has flown over 50 types of aircraft.

Piers Smerdon – A Flying Instructor specialising in teaching and examining instructor ratings, professional pilots and instrument rating applicants, Piers has over 16,000 instructional hours. He has instructed at Bodmin, Guernsey, Denham and Leicester and in Florida he currently teaches aspiring professional pilots for one of the UK's largest flying training organisations.

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