PPL Series Textbooks

PPL Series Textbooks

Since first publication in 1994, the PPL course series has become the standard reference for UK, and now European JAR, PPL courses. Acclaimed for their accuracy, clarity and user friendly approach, their comprehensive coverage of the subject makes them a favourite amongst student pilots and instructors alike. The PPL Course Series continues to be the most up-to-date PPL series available and is the only one that completely covers both the JAA PPL and NPPL syllabus. To stay up-to-date, AFE follow a policy of restricting the print run of each edition to the minimum commercially viable, so that amendments and updates can be incorporated into reprints as quickly as possible, rather than waiting years to publish new information. More and more pilots are learning to fly using the PPL Course series and more and more schools and clubs are making the PPL Course their standard PPL course reference.

The PPL Course Editorial Team
Author: Jeremy M Pratt
Jeremy Pratt took his first flying lesson aged 14, paid for by weekend and holiday jobs at his local airfield cleaning aircraft and working in the hanger. Later he also worked in the air/ground radio station of the airfield and in the operations department of an air taxi company. He completed his PPL after being awarded an Esso/Air League scholarship and became a flying instructor at the age of 19. Since then he has taught students for the Private Pilots Licence and associated ratings and also applicants for professional flying licences. He has flown as a commercial pilot in a variety of roles and has flown a wide variety of General Aviation aircraft ranging from Tiger Moth to Citation jet; he has also flown microlights, gliders and helicopters. He stays current by instructing and flying himself for business and pleasure. He has been Managing Director of Airplan Flight Equipment since 1985, is author of the ‘Pilot’s Guide’ series, the ‘Questions and Answers’ series; and has also co-authored, compiled and contributed to, a number of aviation books and publications.

Series Advisor: Bill Stitt – Chief Flying Instructor of Horizon Flying Club, Bill has been a flying instructor for over 20 years and is a delegated flight examiner. He has been training instructors for over 15 years and he is married to a flying instructor: their daughter also flies!

Series Advisor: Phillip G Mathews – Chief Flying Instructor of Cotswold Aviation Services, Phil has over 10,000 hours experience of flying light aircraft. He gained his PPL at the age of 17 and went on to achieve an ATPL through the ‘self-improver’ route. Phil also runs his own business teaching applicants for the PPL and IMC rating technical exams and flies as a commercial pilot.

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