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Part-FCL Made Easy: Aeroplanes Volume 1

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Part-FCL Made Easy: Handbook for Pilot Licensing Aeroplanes Volume 1

The series of books 'Part-FCL Made Easy: Handbook for Pilot Licensing' cover the new European rules on pilot licensing published by the European Commission as part of the Aircrew Regulation no. 1178/2011, and complemented by the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material published by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Volume 1 of the series contains all the aircrew licensing requirements applicable to AEROPLANES and TOURING MOTOR GLIDERS, and will serve those with a particular interest in becoming a pilot. For those already holding a licence, the book offers detailed explanation on the new EU rules and how to obtain additional licence privileges, or additional qualifications to act, for example, as instructors and examiners.

The complete series of books are written in a logical manner, making even the most difficult issues easy to understand. All the references to the official publications are included in the text. Therefore, the books should also serve as a valuable reference for Training Organisations and Competent Authorities.

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