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Mountain High MH-3 / MH-4 Flowmeters

Model: MH/00XCP-1036-00 (3) or 1

Flowmeters for use with Mountain High constant flow oxygen systems.

The MH3 flowmeter has an altitude/flow scale calibrated for the unique Oxymizer oxygen-conserving cannula. The scale is marked in 2,000 ft increments for flight levels up to 18,000 ft. To receive the proper amount of oxygen, simply adjust the MH3 to where the scale reads the same altitude you are flying. Example: If you are at 15,000 ft. you would hold the meter vertical and adjust the needle valve on the MH3 to where the ball reads between the 14 and 16 on the scale. Counter clock-wise increases and clock-wise decreases oxygen flow. The outlet flow of the MH3 can be adjusted well beyond the limits of the scale for emergency purposes.

The MH4 flowmeter can operate at flight levels above 18,000 ft with a face mask. This will use much more oxygen (1 liter/min per 10,000 ft) than the MH3 and Oxymizer cannula. The MH4 has two altitude/flow scales. The left (compressed) scale is calibrated for the Oxymizer cannula and is limited to flight levels at 18,000 ft and below. The right scale is calibrated for a standard cannula and face mask and is limited to 25,000 ft. The outlet flow of the MH4 can be adjusted well beyond the limits of the indicated scale for emergency purposes.

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