AFE price: £10.96

Mountain High Cannula for EDS-O2D1 and O2D2 kits (Flare-tipped)

Model: MH/00EDS-1084-01

The Mountain High EDS cannula and tubing have been specially designed and tested to provide the user with the correct flow with the kink-resistant tubing.  Do not use standard medical cannulas as you may not receive adequate oxygen flow or oxygen conserving optimization.

The EDS-O2D1-2G should be used with any of our XCR, XCP, or 4-place FPR regulators for correct pressure and oxygen delivery. The low-pressure service line is a high quality polyurethane line that is kink-resistant and flexible under varying temperatures. The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded “Quick-Connects” providing an air-tight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

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