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Mountain High 647l (AL-647) Full-Pack (FP) Padded Cylinder Carry

Model: MH/00FAB-0014-00

Mountain High 647l (AL-647) Full-Pack (FP) Padded Cylinder Carry Bag

The Mountain High Full-Pack (FP) carry cases are made of a padded GorTex fabric with “D” rings strategically placed so the harness can be securely mounted to a seat-back or any other suitable surface where it can be accessed while in flight.

FULL-PACK: A fully padded carry case for any of our portable cylinders. A GoreTex padded-fabric harness allows you to safely carry the cylinder. All Full-Packs come with a set of straps and quick clips placed about the harness that allows you to mount the cylinder to a structure such as a seat back. When zipped, the Full-Pack holds and totally covers the cylinder, valve, and regulator adding to your comfort, convenience and safety.

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