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Mountain High 311l (KF-011) Kevlar Cylinder

Model: MH/00CYL-1044-01

Mountain High 311l (KF-011) Kevlar Cylinder

The lightest aircraft oxygen cylinder that technology has to offer. These Kevlar fiber-wrapped cylinders have been developed specifically for aircraft use.

The KF series cylinders are the perfect solution for cylinder installations far aft in the aircraft, where previously not possible. A thin-wall, seamless aluminum (6061-T6) alloy ‘liner-cylinder’ is reinforced by a full over-wrapping of Kevlar fibers sealed in epoxy. This yields about a 50% to 60% weight savings over conventional cylinder technology without any compromise in safety.

These cylinders are preferred by many who build the state-of-the-art composite-fiber aircraft. They are made under a DOT mfg. special permit. If used in commercial applications or in a type-certified aircraft, the DOT service life is 15 years from Date of Manufacture (first hydro-test date) and hydro-tests are required every 5 years. The KF series cylinders are complemented by our RCV/RCR remote-controlled-regulator system and built-in EDS system. The KF series cylinders can be secured for carry-about applications with the Full-Pack cylinder carry-caddy harness systems.

Kevlar Fiber cylinders are the lightest technology has to offer and are designed specifically and approved for aircraft KF Cylinders applications. A simplified fabrication process is where the cylinder liner is made (steps 1,2,3 & 4) Fiber wrap (steps 5 & 6) are wrapped around the liner. Threads for the valving device is done after step 4 and before step 5. Epoxy is applied during the wrapping process. By current DOT protocol,the cylinder must be hydro tested every 5 years and taken out of service after 15 years from the first hydro test date.




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