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Metric 40cm windsock & frame

A range of German-made windsocks in metric sizes.
These hardwearing, weather-resistant rip-stop polyester windsocks are supplied in dayglo orange, ready attached to a cage and swivel assembly and merely require attaching to a suitable pole.

Replacement windsocks or frame assemblies are also available separately.

Throat diameter 30cm Length 180cm Suitable application: Industrial, motorways/bridges private use
Throat diameter 40cm Length 250cm Suitable application: Helipads, industrial, small farm strips
Throat diameter 65cm Length 350cm Suitable application: Small/medium size airfields
Throat diameter 90cm Length 450cm Suitable application: Medium/large airfields
Throat diameter 100cm Length 450cm Suitable application: International Airports

Prices are for standard equipment, frame normally supplied in galvanised steel. Stainless steel can be supplied at extra cost for low-temperature (to -38C) operations on request.

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