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LightSpeed Zulu.2 ANR Panel Headset (Lemo Connector)


LightSpeed Zulu.2 ANR Headset with single Lemo connector for panel power, straight cord

Now with Flightlink

The Zulu.2 headset from Lightspeed is the quietest and most comfortable headset the company has ever made - quite a claim from a company which specialises in quiet, comfortable headsets!
A distinctive new look and continuous innovation make the Lightspeed Zulu.2 the ultimate blend of design, technology and high performance, the Zulu.2 once again sets the standard by which all premium Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets will be measured. Lightspeed engineers researched how pilots perceive noise at various frequencies in the cockpit and then developed technology providing focused noise attenuation over the most critical ranges. The result is a headset with the ultimate performance profile and industry-leading total noise cancellation qualities.

Quiet. Comfort. Clarity.

FlightLink, the first in-flight cockpit recording application for the Apple iPad and iPhone. The free FlightLink app works seamlessly with the Lightspeed Zulu.2 headsets to capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications. Store multiple flight recordings on your device or computer, and enjoy instant playback of Air Traffic Control transmissions. On the iPad, draw notes on the large scratchpad. Easily toggle from other apps to access recordings and notes.

• Never miss a vital radio transmission
• Immediate replay of ATC calls
• Draw and erase notes or diagrams on the iPad
• Archive flight communications for post-flight briefing and training
• A valuable flight training tool - capture the intercom communication

Amongst the distinguishing qualities which set the Zulu.2 so far above from the rest of the pack is quiet—that indescribable experience that allows the pilot to savour the freedom of flight without the distraction of fatiguing engine and background noise. With patent-pending Microport Vent technology, the Zulu.2 offers greater ANR consistency and performance than ever before over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise. The magnesium ear cups are superior at blocking out high frequency noise by reflecting 10 times more airborne sound than plastic ear cups, while being both stronger and lighter.

For long or short flights, discerning pilots expect comfort. Weighing in at under 400 grams, the Lightcomfort design includes plush ear seals, exceptional fit and 15% less side pressure, providing a new standard for comfort and wearability. Inside the headband is a core of thin, flexible spring steel, which gives an excellent fit and calibrated magnesium sliders adjust ergonomically to the wearer’s exact head size with uniform pressure. Luxurious, soft leather surrounds feature extra wide earseals made from temperature sensitive foam.

Communication clarity is one the cornerstones of safe flight. With patent-pending Dual Aperture Disc microphone, the Zulu.2 sets the standard for the next generation of headsets with unparalleled voice clarity from its noise cancelling electret microphone.

In the Zulu.2, the search for the best high performance aviation headset in the world is over. And the even better news is that this exceptional headset is also laden with features to further enhance its performance and usability:

The low-profile, stainless steel headband provides lightweight durability and excellent cabin clearance.

Bluetooth™ Connectivity
The Zulu.2 has full-function Bluetooth connectivity provides enhanced sound quality for voice, music or compatible audio devices.

Mobile Phone/Music Connection
An integrated control box auxiliary input offers an additional option for connecting a mobile phone, music player or other audio device.

Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority which lowers the volume of any auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions.

Stereo or Mono
Match audio panel inputs with a quick switch to stereo or mono.

Front Row Centre (FRC)
Concert-class fidelity and sound reproduction come alive in the exclusive Front Row Centre feature by automatically adding a dynamic surround-sound quality to music.

Auto Shutoff
Lightspeed’s proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.

The Zulu.2 weights just 13.9oz (395 grams).

The Zulu headset models fold up when not in use to minimise storage space and protect your investment.

The Zulu.2 comes with an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

The Zulu.2 is supplied as standard with sturdy carrying case, mobile phone/audio patch cords, cord clip and microphone cover.

The Zulu.2 – your search for the world’s best high performance aviation headset is over.

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