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LED Lenser V9 micro lenser torch

The smallest LED torch we sell

a key ring-sized (50mm x 9mm diameter) pocket light that will outlast and outperform most miniature conventional torches.

LED LENSER produce a range of extremely high quality torches using ultra-efficient LED (light emitting diode) technology to replace conventional bulbs. LEDs are far more efficient than conventional bulbs, resulting in much greater light output for a given power input, longer battery life and massively increased operating lifetime. The LEDs used in this range of torches consume typically about 1 Watt, and convert over 90% of this energy to light, compared to conventional torch bulbs which convert typically only 5% to light. The typical operating life of the LEDs is 100,000 hours, compared to 20-100 hours for a conventional torch bulb, and battery life on a set of regular alkaline cells is typically 200 hours continuous use.

The LED LENSER range of torches are manufactured in high quality silver anodised aluminium, with gold-plated electrical contacts and rubber moisture seals, and are supplied in smart presentation boxes.
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