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ICOM A120B VHF Aviation Base Station

Model: ICOMICA120B

The Icom IC-A120B VHF Airband Ground to Air Base Station provides quality ground to air communications from an office or air traffic control room tower. Housed in a smart, compact enclosure (133 mm x 185 mm x 200 mm, H x W x D) with its’ own power supply, this base station is an ideal solution for airfields and local airports to keep in communication with ingoing/outgoing aircraft. 

Capable of free tuning across 8.33kHz/25kHz frequencies
The IC-A120B is already pre-tuned with 8.33kHz/25kHz channel spacing, meaning you are able to free tune across the frequencies. 

Compact, smart enclosure (133 mm x 185 mm x 200 mm, H x W x D) 
Due to the compact enclosure, this base station can be tucked away on a desk in a control room or be placed anywhere that a mains supply point is available. 

Includes own power supply unit – converting 240V AC to 13.5V DC. 
No extra room needed as the power supply unit is built into the enclosure with the radio. 

Easy-to-use interface.
Simple arrow buttons to the side of the user screen for channel selection/frequency and function buttons underneath allow for an easy to use interface. 

Dealer programmable single channel operation if required. 
The IC-A120B can be programmed by an authorised Icom dealer to allow single channel operation if an airfield/local airport only use one frequency.

200 memory channels with channel name
The IC-A120B has 200 memory channels to store often used frequencies with 12-character channel name. With a high contrast dot matrix display, operating channels can be selected quickly and recognised easily. You can instantly program memory channels without requiring PC programming. 

Other Features 
• Priority scan and dualwatch function
• Power on password protection
• CI-V command for external control
• VE-PG4 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio systems and/or other audio devices


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