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ICAO DOC 10184

Model: ICAOD10184

ICAO DOC 10184 - Assembly Resolutions in Force (as of 7 October 2022)

This document contains the texts of all resolutions of the ICAO Assembly in force at the close of its 41st Session (September/October 2022).

The document is divided into ten Parts, and within seven of these Parts there are several sub-headings (Parts and sub-headings are listed in the Table of Contents). The text of each resolution appears under the appropriate Part or subheading. When a resolution or part of a resolution falls under more than one Part or sub-heading, the full text of the resolution appears in the place considered most appropriate, and only its number and title are given under the other Parts or sub-headings.

This document contains, in addition to the texts of the resolutions in force (Parts I to X inclusive):

  • reservations which were recorded by some delegations to resolutions adopted by the Assembly and which still remain in force (Appendix A);
  • a list of resolutions resulting from consolidations, with an indication of their origin (Appendix B);
  • a list of resolutions that have been consolidated, with an indication of the resulting resolution (Appendix C);
  • a subject index of resolutions in force (Appendix D); and
  • an index of resolutions in force (Appendix E).


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