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ICAO DOC 10100

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ICAO DOC 10100 - Manual on Space Weather Information in Support of International Air Navigation

The First Edition of the Manual on Space Weather in Support of International Air Navigation is published in response to the introduction of provisions related to the dissemination of information on space weather to international air navigation as part of Amendment 78 to Annex 3 – Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation, applicable 8 November 2018. As of this date, designated space weather centers (SWXC) will monitor and provide advisory information on space weather phenomena expected to affect high-frequency radio communications, communications via satellite, GNSS-based navigation and surveillance systems and/or pose a radiation risk to aircraft occupants. Annex 3 requires that SWXCs maintain a 24-hour watch and, after the issuance of the advisory information, supply this information to area control centers, flight information centers and aerodrome meteorological offices which may be affected; other SWXCs; and international OPMET databanks, international NOTAM offices and aeronautical fixed service Internet-based services. The objective of Doc 10100 is to enable operators to make informed decisions when space weather impacts occur and is specifically providing guidance for aeronautical meteorologists, particularly those at the operational level, as well as for operators, flight crew members, air traffic service units.

First Edition, 2019

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