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ICAO DOC 10047

Model: ICAO10047

ICAO DOC 10047 - Aviation Security Oversight Manual

This manual outlines the duties and responsibilities of ICAO Member States with respect to the establishment and management of a national civil aviation security oversight system. It is directed at high-level government decision makers, as it highlights States’ obligations as signatories to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) signed at Chicago on 7 December 1944, and provides information and guidance on the establishment and management of a State’s national civil aviation security oversight system, which may be required to fulfil those obligations.

This manual confines itself to the parameters of a Member State’s overall aviation security oversight responsibilities, emphasizing the State’s commitment to aviation security with respect to the State’s aviation activity. Several critical elements (CEs) have been identified as essential components of a civil aviation security oversight system and should be considered for the effective implementation of a security-related policy and associated procedures. The CEs of a civil aviation security oversight system presented in this manual include:

primary aviation security legislation;
aviation security programmes and regulations;
State appropriate authority for aviation security and its responsibilities;
personnel qualifications and training;
provision of technical guidance, tools and security-critical information;
certification and approval obligations;
quality control obligations; and
resolution of security concerns.

2nd Edition, 2021


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