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Hundreds of Professions in Commercial Aviation


This book will encourage school leavers, job hunters and anyone interested in aviation, to take up a profession in commercial aviation or related activities, providing them with suggestions and the practical information necessary to properly initiate and be successful in their chosen career in this fascinating activity.

It lists over 500 job titles and includes the profiles of several professions in this field. Each profile specifies all important details about the basic academic and physical requirements needed, together with a short description of the involved job and other useful information. A short description of some syllabuses of relevant courses suggested or needed to be completed before applying for the desired profession and the essential steps recommended to be successful in job searching , are also summarised. This information should help any person, potentially interested in a specific profession, to visualise what is needed before embarking on a course or in the chosen profession.

Examples of some documents and descriptions of practical functions related to some of the works performed in the industry are also included with the hope they are of some interest to the reader.

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