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Fuel Tester & Screwdriver


The universal fuel tester – a much under-rated piece of aircraft equipment!

The 15cm/6” clear plastic tube allows a fuel sample to be drawn-off before flight – check the sample for colour (to check fuel grade), bubbles (indicating the presence of water) or any other form of contamination. The open end of the tube is ’castellated’ to make it easier to grip and twist the standard ‘Curtis’ type fuel drains used on many General Aviation (GA) aircraft.

If you are faced with a ‘flush-type’ fuel drain, there is a plastic prong which can be fitted to the tube to activate the drain, but in practice for these installations we recommend the Fuel Cup design (below).

To increase its utility, at the other end of the fuel tester there is a double-ended screwdriver blade which can be turned around to use either as a ‘flat head’ screw driver or a ‘Phillips’ screw driver – just the thing for tightening cowling fasteners and the like.

All-in-all this classic piece of aviation design has a place in every pilot’s flight bag.

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