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Flight Simulator Boeing 737 Pilot In Command

Model: FSX737
Boeing 737 Pilot In Command - FSX Compatible
This B737 simulator add-on features advanced avionics and a highly accurate flight model making it one of the best FS aircraft add-ons available. Features include functioning weather radar and a printed manual with speed charts, checklists and a unique step-by-step tutorial flight and procedures guide from Mike Ray. Covers 300, 400 and 500 series with fully functional weather radar, detailed 3D cockpit and realistic flight dynamics. An advanced (FMS) Flight Management System is included (including SIDS and STARs) and there are pop up instruments (PFD, ED) screens for multi-monitor displays. Simulated systems include IRS (Inertial Reference System), fuel systems, electrical, anti-ice, hydraulic, pressurisation, air conditioning, lights and much more!

NEW feature for FSX - During the take-off roll the co-pilot now makes call-outs 'thrust set', '80 knots, throttle hold'
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