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FASTFIND Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS

Utilising unique functionality generated by Galileo Return Link Service (RLS), the FastFind Return Link PLB receives a signal confirming the users 406 MHz distress alert has been received and location coordinates have been detected.

The FastFind Return Link Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) confirms the signal has been received by SAR authorities with a blue flashing light. This life saving re-assurance signal allows those in distress; on land or sea; to know that search and rescue professionals are aware of their situation and they are not alone.

FastFind Return Link PLB offers the accelerated location detection with combined Galileo and GPS GNSS receivers and Seas of Solutions' tried and tested 406 MHz technology, which has been at the core of search and rescue innovation since 1981.

The FastFind Return Link PLB is Seas of Solutions' most advanced search and rescue beacon to date. Using MEOSAR utilising advanced technology and the dedicated 406 MHz frequency, FastFind Return Link transmits your unique ID and GNSS position via the global network of Cospas-Sarsat search and rescue satellites.

Carrying this palm sized, lightweight yet rugged unit you can explore the world with peace of mind. Knowing that if you find yourself in distress, activating your FastFind Return Link will summon emergency assistance and confirm when Cospas-Sarsat have received your call for help.

• Perfect to carry in addition to your onboard ELT installation
• RLS: the first of a new range of SAR beacons that receive a reassurance signal confirming distress alert and location have been received by the search and rescue authorities
• Multi Constellation GNSS: Building on Seas of Solutions leadership in innovative location detection technology, FastFind Return Link incorporates both Galileo and GPS GNSS services
• Versatile clip attachment system: Belt, webbing strap and PFD compatible options supported.
• Floats: with provided buoyancy pouch
• Free to use: No subscription
• Power Assurance: 5-year battery life
• Waterproof: to 10m
• Lights: Bright flashing attention signal, Morse code SOS flash pattern & RLS Reassurance blue flashing LED
• Practical: Safe-Stow antenna, anti-tamper cover protected activation switch.

What Happens Once Activated:
FastFind Return Link transmits and receives multiple signals simultaneously.
• Transmits distress alert on 406 MHz via Cospas Sarsat to global professional emergency service
• Receives GNSS coordinates from Galileo and GPS satellites and transmits on 406 MHz signal to regularlyupdate location.
• Once location detection is confirmed the PLB receives Galileo RLS signal and activates blue light (typically 10 mins.)
• Transmits 121.5 MHz Homing signal to accelerate local recovery

FastFind Return Link
• Global leader in MEOSAR & 406 MHz technology
• Life Saving Innovation – RLS & 72 channel multi-constellation GNSS receivers
• Direct alert to rescue professionals, not call centres
• Small, rugged, easy to use
• Multiple self-tests of both battery and GNSS
• Perfect for solo adventurers with RLS Reassurance Signal
• Subscription free, with global coverage
• Worldwide support network of suppliers and service dealers

How the Return Link Service (RLS) Works
As part of the MEOSAR program to modernise Cospas Sarsat’s search and rescue infrastructure, the new European component, the Galileo GNSS satellites, offer new capabilities. Initially providing a new and super accurate GNSS service for positioning in devices with Galileo enabled receivers, as of March 2021 the Galileo’s Return Link Service (RLS) was declared globally operational, meaning beacons with RLS capabilities would be able to receive a re-assurance signal back to the beacon in the form of a blue light. This light, typically activated 10 minutes after activation, indicates the distress signal has been received and that the user’s location is known by the professional rescue services. RLS allows distress beacons a two-way communication for the first time.

FastFind ReturnLink PLB Specifications

Standards COSPAS-SARSAT T.001/T.007 class2, ETSI EN 302152-1
Sealing depth Immersion to 10 m (30 ft) for 5 minutes
Operating temperature -20 to +55 °C (-4 to + 131 °F)
Storage temperature -30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158 °F)
Altitude 12,192 m (40,000 ft)
Buoyancy Category 2, will not float (optional buoyancy pouch provided)
Battery type Lithium Manganese
Transmit duration > 24 hours @ -20 °C (-4 °F)
Battery life (storage) 5 years
Battery replacement Service centre
Battery Use Logged by microprocessor
Transmitter Frequency 406.031 MHz (alert) / 121.5 MHz (homer)
Transmitter Power 5 W (alert) / 50 mW (homer) nominal
Unique ID Number Factory or dealer programmed
GNSS Receiver GPS(L1)+GALILEO(E1), 72 channel, ceramic patch antenna
Size (D x W x L) 36 x 50 x 112 mm (1.42 x 1.97 x 4.41 in)
Weight 164 g (5.8 oz)
Indicator Light High brightness LED signal light
RLS Light Blue LED
SOS flash light Morse code SOS flash pattern, 30 operations
Activation Manual, three stage
Self-test Tests transmitters, battery and light
Standard Compass Safe Distance 1 m (3 ft)
Warranty 1 year (+ 4 years with online registration)
Part Number 1002384 (FastFind Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS)


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