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Examination Papers - Aircraft Performance

Keith William's Examination Papers Aircraft Performance book is designed to assist students preparing to take the Aircraft Performance JAR ATPL & CPL exam.

The book is comprised of 20 practice question papers. By conducting realistic rehearsals, during the weeks leading up to their examination dates, students can refine their knowledge of the subject and greatly improve their response times. The use of a large number of different examination papers is essential in developing the ability to deal with the many different ways in which questions can be worded. This process is likely to be particularly beneficial in enhancing the performance of those students who are susceptible to examination stress, or who have recently failed the examination by a narrow margin. Each question paper is accompanied by a marking sheet and detailed explanations of the answers. The range and depth of material covered in each paper is comparable with that in the JAR examinations.

A FREE interactive CD ROM is also included containing a comprehensive JAR ATPL(A) question bank.
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