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EASA PPL Flight Performance & Planning Revision Guide Ed2


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An indispensable guide to the EASA PPL and LAPL Flight Performance & Planning Revision Guide Theoretical Knowledge requirements and written examination.

The EASA Flight Performance & Planning Revision Guide starts with a revision section covering all the essential knowledge required to pass the EASA PPL or LAPL Flight Performance & Planning Theoretical Knowledge examination. This essential knowledge revision section is a unique feature of AFE Revision Guides, allowing the user to consolidate and update their knowledge before attempting the sample exam papers.

The essential knowledge revision section is followed by three practice examination papers, each set out in the style of the UK CAA written examination, with the same number of questions, time limits, question style and subject coverage.

The practice exam papers are followed by the explanation sections, in which the correct answer for each question is given, together with a fully worked explanation of why the given answer is correct and (where appropriate) how it is calculated. For each question, a reference is also given to the AFE PPL Course series for further study if required.

Based on the best-selling ‘PPL Question and Answer’ books which have helped tens of thousands of pilots through their written exams, this revised edition of the EASA Flight Performance & Planning Revision Guide series is the only up-to-date publication for a pilot studying for the current UK CAA written examination for EASA PPL and LAPL Communications and incorporates the most recent changes to that examination.

The 2nd edition has been fully revised and updated to cover the latest UK CAA written examinations.

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