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Dynon D120 Engine Management System (EMS)

The Dynon D120 Engine Management System (EMS) provides a digital graphic engine monitoring capability, accepting up to 28 inputs and 3 outputs.

The system requires a probe set for the engine fit. Currently available for the following engines:
• 4-cylinder Lycoming
• 6-cylinder Lycoming
• Rotax 912
• Rotax 914
• Jabiru 2200
• Jabiru 3300
More options are being developed at present.

The D120 can display multiple pages of information with rapid hotkey page navigation. The unit employs Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) detection along with a fuel computer, all wired in for appropriate audio and visual alarms. It accepts user-defined limits and places colour demarkation as appropriate.

Includes mounting tray and Dynon's high brightness screen.
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