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Dynon D10 Engine Management System (EMS)


The Dynon D10 Engine Management System (EMS) harnesses a great deal of information which packs a lot of capability in to just one instrument. It is ergonomically engineered to blend traditional analog gauges in to newer digital technologies.

The unit accepts up to 27 separate inputs, significantly reducing the pilot's workload as the D10EMS continuously monitors all sensor inputs for the powerplant, fuel and other miscellaneous systems. It will immediately annunciate any abnormalities requiring attention and bring the issue to the attention of the pilot.

An excellent systems overview can be obtained through use of the multi-page display which can also provide additional detail on demand. Each of the colour graphic screen presentations promotes easy visual scanning for interpretation of the current measurements relative to their normal/abnormal operational limits.

The system requires a probe set for the engine fit. Currently available for the following engines:
• 4-cylinder Lycoming
• 6-cylinder Lycoming
• Rotax 912
• Rotax 914
• Jabiru 2200
• Jabiru 3300
More options are being developed at present.

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