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Dynafoam Energy Absorbing Seat Foam 12.5mm (1/2 inch) SOFT

Model: DF05SOFT

Please note Dynafoam may not necessarily be held in stock, and is imported from the United States. Please contact us first to check stock availability before placing your order.

Sometimes also known as SunMate or Sun Mate, Dynafoam energy absorbing foam is probably the most cost-effective safety enhancement you can add to your aircraft to reduce injury following a severe impact or heavy landing.

Dynafoam is available in a variety of firmness grades, ranging from extra-soft to extra-firm.

The standard Dynafoam sheets we stock and recommend are extra-firm, as these offer the best level of protection and, unless specified otherwise, this is the firmness grade normally supplied.

While even extra-firm Dynafoam is surprisingly comfortable for extended periods (due to its body-conforming properties it supports evenly and reduces pressure points) some people prefer to add a more compliant layer to the top of the seat pad, for comfort reasons.

One option is the "Pudgee" sheet, listed elsewhere in this section, although a more inexpensive option is a sheet of 1/2 inch thick Dynafoam in the "soft" grade. Added as a top layer, it maintains the protection of Dynafoam, while giving a more compliant and comfortable feel to the cushion overall.

sheet size 410mm x 460mm.

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