Weight:510.00 Kg
AFE price: £904.96

David Clark H10-13XL

Model: H1013XL

Based on the H10-13.4, David Clark’s Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) headset offers extra noise reduction courtesy of some advanced electronic circuitry.

Available in several versions, the most popular are the H10- 13X, which has an inline battery box for 6 x AA batteries, and the H10-13XL which has a modular connection system, allowing the use of different configurations for different aircraft. It is even possible to purchase additional cables to allow use in both fixed-wing (dual plug) and rotary wing (4-way U-174 “US-NATO” plug) operations.

• ENC noise reduction system
• Soft headpad and gel ear seals
• Hinged/flexible mic boom with M-7a electret microphone
• Dual volume controls
• Choice of battery or panel-mount power module (-XL model only)
• Detachable cable (-XL model only)

Weight 510g.

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