Customised AFE Study Packs

AFE's customised flying school study packs have been developed with some of the world's leading JAA flight schools to contain everything you need to complete your chosen course at a specific flight school: all study materials, navigation equipment and reference books.

We strongly recommend you allow at least 10 working days for delivery before your course commences.

While we usually ship same-day, and we'll always do our best to ship urgent orders promptly, we can't accept responsibility for last-minute orders which are delivered after your course has started.

In the event that any item within the pack is temporarily unavailable (usually because a new edition of the item is expected shortly), we will at our discretion either replace the item with a suitable alternative of equivalent or greater value, or backorder the item for later dispatch at our expense. We cannot accept responsibility for any delays caused by temporary non-availability of items in this way.

Please note that we cannot alter the contents of the study packs, this also means that we cannot offer credit or refunds for unused or unwanted items within the pack.

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