Who are AFE?

About AFE

Airplan Flight Equipment (AFE) started life in 1973 as Spodemoor Aviation, operating part-time from offices in Bradford and supplying a loyal band of pilots and flying clubs with all their flight equipment needs. The company grew steadily and in 1985 it was taken over by Jeremy M Pratt, a career flying instructor who had become disillusioned with the hassle of trying to obtain pilot supplies from Spodemoor's competitors. His first move (after changing that name) was to re-locate the company to premises near Manchester Airport and acquire the first of a long line of sales vans which, since that time, have put in several million miles around the airfields of the UK and Continental Europe.

AFE is now Europe's principle publisher and distributor of pilot supplies and flying training products, and every product we sell is backed by our reputation as Europe's longest established company in the field. Our customers include leading flying schools and gliding clubs, major airlines, the armed forces, aircraft manufacturers, leading maintenance companies and tens of thousands of individual aircraft owners and pilots worldwide. To all we aim to offer the best service and most competitive prices across the widest stock range. What's more, our buying power allows us to offer the most competitive prices right across our product range, whether you are buying one logbook or two hundred headsets.


AFE Milestones

1973   Spodemoor Aviation established in Bradford, Yorkshire

1976   Albert Malaney takes over Spodemoor Aviation

1985   Jeremy M Pratt acquires company, changes name to Airplan Flight Equipment (AFE) and moves it to premises near Manchester Airport

1987   AFE moves to new premises at Southside, Manchester Airport

1992   AFE publishes it first books by Jeremy M Pratt - the Pilot's Guide series - and moves to larger premises at Manchester Airport

1994   First edition of the 'PPL Course' series books by Jeremy M Pratt published

1998   AFE moves to present premises next to Manchester Airport

2000   AFE acquires RD Aviation, best-known for supplying accessories and avionics to glider and sports flyers

2001   AFE acquires the business of Nevynn International from Lynn and Neville Cawte

2005   AFE Oxford moves out of the old RD Aviation premises and onto Oxford Airport

2010   AFE Oxford moves into new larger premises opposite Oxford Airport

2013   AFE open The London Pilot Store in association with UK AOPA


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