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Clearer Horizons

Clearer Horizons
James Allan

“The greatest danger that lies in wait for most pilots is not engine failure, fire in the air, flight into bad weather or any of the other emergencies your instructor taught you to cope with. Quite simply, it is boredom. After the first flush of excitement and enthusiasm it is all too easy to find the local scenery from the air getting boring; flying solo gets boring too; the snacks in the ‘greasy spoons’ of the few easily-accessible local airfields soon begin to taste even more boring; emergencies never seem to occur and you don’t now have an instructor sitting there beside you ready to spring nasty surprises on you.”

This book is designed to turn your flying licence into one of the most rewarding investments you have ever made. It is for the pilot whose logbook is beginning to show longer and longer gaps between flights, or where the ‘From’ and ‘To’ columns are gradually being filled up with ditto marks. It is for the owner who finds that dandelions and long grass have grown tall enough to hide the main wheels each time he or she returns to the aircraft. It is for the pilot whose left shoe soles wear out before the right ones and whose rudder leans permanently to the left from constantly flying boring left-hand circuits and bumps. It is for the pilot who is beginning to feel a bit like a tennis ball, always flying to and fro along the same unadventurous route between the same two familiar airfields.
Clearer Horizons offers a better use of your precious pilot’s licence. It shows how your flying can be both rewarding and motivating and it tackles the challenges and opportunities that await any pilot who wants to progress beyond their basic skills.
Softcover, 188 pages, illustrated throughout.

• Taking Care of Your Passengers
• New Horizons
• Weather Factors
• Different Environments
• Flying and Finance
• Tackling Something New
• Owning Your Own Aircraft

James Allan
James started pilot training with the University Air Squadron, flying Miles Magisters and Tiger Moths (first solo 1947) and later Chipmunks. He joined the Royal Air Force, completed wings training on Harvards and went on to fly Gloster Meteor jet fighters. Transferred to the Technical Engineering branch, he continued to fly a variety of military aircraft.
After leaving the RAF, he worked as an engineering manager in Scotland and joined the Glasgow Flying Club later becoming the Chairman of the GFC before taking up a new executive position in Belgium. Here James began to use light aircraft frequently in the course of visiting customers and suppliers all over Europe. James has owned his own aircraft for over 30 years and piloted over 50 different types of aircraft.
While working in Belgium, James started contributing articles to Pilot magazine, Flight International, Aircraft Illustrated, Aeroplane Monthly, Light Aviation, Flieger Magazin, Info Pilote and other aviation journals. After returning to UK, James was appointed Contributing Editor of Pilot Magazine and is the author of at least seven other aviation books.

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