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Bloody Biscay

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Bloody Biscay - The history of V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40
Chris Goss

The story of the Luftwaffe’s only long range maritime fighter unit – V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40 (V/KG40) – and its battles against the Royal Air Force (RAF), the US Army Air Force (USAAF) and the US Navy (USN) in the skies above the Bay of Biscay.

Using personal accounts from both German and Allied survivors from July 1942 onwards, Bloody Biscay relates the initial tribulations of the unit and its battles against overwhelming odds to its eventual annihilation over the Normandy beaches in June 1944.

Comprehensive appendices together with nearly 200 photographs, the vast majority of German origin, Bloody Biscay will give the reader a graphic insight into V/KG40’s history.

Softback, 256pp
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