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BGS EASA ATPL Flight Planning & Monitoring


BGS EASA ATPL Flight Planning & Monitoring

The Bristol Groundschool EASA ATPL Manuals cover the theory for all the subjects examined by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The manuals cover the EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating exams. These manuals come printed perfect bound in full colour on high quality paper.


Introduction & Terminology 
VFR Route Planning 
Sample VFR Flight Plan 
Instrument Flight Rules 
Approach Charts 
En- Route Charts 
Planning the Route 
Operational Flight Plans 
Flight Plans 
Completing a Fuel Plan 
Example SEP Fuel Planning 
Fuel Planning for MEP1
Jet Aircraft Cruise Procedures 
MRJT Fuel Planning 
MRJT Detailed Fuel Planning
MRJT Advanced Fuel Planning 
Long Range Jet Transport 
Contingency Planning
Point of Equal Time
Fuel Monitoring & Management 

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